The New World is upon us, and on-line teaching is mainstream


What can you expect? Dedication beyond the computer appointment. My students receive a pdf after their lesson with notes about what to practice, oftentimes a copy of their music with my notations added (just like I would do in-person!). For those motivated, I send videos of duets with me playing the second part with a metronome clicking away so the student can practice along. 

What about outdoors?  This summer for all local students, they have the choice of having lessons outside or inside. If it is still required, or if your circumstances warrant it, I will keep the 6' distance, and approach the student when needed with my mask on. 

I love teaching... And I want it to be fun. I like to develop a strong, trusting relationships with each of my students. Each one is different so there is no "cookie-cutter" approach to my teaching methods. I have taught folks as young as 4 to as old as 80, beginners and accomplished players, in my private studio as well as a university professor. Contact me if you'd like to inquire about lessons.  My base price is $60/hour. 45 and 30 minutes lessons available. 


SUMMER FLUTE CHOIR: Outdoors under the Big Tents! 

Register NOW, as class sizes are limited. Please send inquiries here.

Schedule: Each day will consist of rehearsals where we learn about playing in tune, in time, and together as a unified group supporting one another in the creative process. Sessions will be broken up with a healthy snack and water to drink. Friday will end with a Concert on the Lawn in my expansive backyard for family and friends to attend . 

Session One: August 2-6:  Middle School 9:00-12:00, High School 1:00-4:00 $225

Session Two: August 8-12: Middle School 9:00-12:00, High School 1:00-4:00 $225

If you sign up for both sessions: $375

Here's what some folks have said about my teaching:
LeeAnn is a fantastic teacher and was a wonderful mentor during my flute playing in high school. The lessons she taught were a great foundation for further studies throughout undergraduate and graduate music education and her influence continues in my (music) writing and performing.

--Elizabeth MG

I really enjoyed you and the flute choir. There aren’t words to describe how talented and sweet you are and I know you will do great in whatever you do in music. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given me, I have so much more confidence and play so much better than when I first started. You are a fine teacher and friend.
--Diane C., Eugene, OR

There once was a lady
Her name is LeeAnn
The flute she can play
She said that I can
She started to teach me
And I love it so much
That I learned so quickly
Due to her warm gentle touch
A concert was held
Where we all played together
It was a great success
It could not have been better
I want to continue, it brings me great joy
The flute is more fun than playing with a toy.
--Johanna B., 6 years old

You saved the day! Emily couldn’t believe when she looked down from the balcony and realized the music she heard was being played by her brother and sister. Thank you for steering them in the right direction.
--L.S., Eugene, OR

I have been studying flute with LeeAnn McKenna (Sterling) since 2007. She was recommended to me by Gary Lewis, DMA in Flute performance from the University of Oregon where LeeAnn studied flute with Dr. Richard Trombly. His recommendation was based on his knowledge of my playing abilities and LeeAnn’s teaching style. LeeAnn and I connected immediately in one of the best teacher/student relationship I’ve had.
I have been attending Gary Schocker’s master classes in New York for the last four years. Each year Gary Schocker as commented on the improvement in my playing. This last year, Mr. Schocker told me that my playing was nine times better than he had ever heard me play. I attribute my growth in flute performance to the instruction I received from LeeAnn McKenna (Sterling) on a weekly basis.
I highly recommend LeeAnn as a teacher of flute for the serious student of any age. 
-- Robert C. Frymire, Owner: Flute Finders, Portland, OR

I had the pleasure of getting to know LeeAnn while playing together in a band. She is not only a dedicated and talented musician, but she is a lot of fun to be around. If I played the flute, I would consider myself very lucky to have her as my teacher.
-- Bryan Owens

My daughter has been taking lessons for two years with LeeAnn and has learned so much! LeeAnn is a brilliant flute player herself and knows how to teach others as well. She can work with the very beginning student as well as the very advanced student. 
-- Liz Berkeley

Best teacher ever! I’ve taken private lessons from LeeAnn ever since I moved up here 2 years ago. I have grown more in those two years then with any other teacher ive had. I've also learned an incredible amount of solos, etudes, scale patterns, and theory under her study. LeeAnn also has a fun personality and makes even things like scales more enjoyable. Practicing an hour and half everyday has become so much more fun and easy. She's very  encouraging and I look forward to my private lessons with her every week. Anyone would be lucky to have her as an instructor. =)
-- E.B.

I have been taking lessons from LeeAnn for almost 5 years. Learning to play the flute with her I have had the best experience of my life. I can always look forward to so much fun and progress in my performance. Anyone looking for a good teacher will find an amazing one in LeeAnn.


My daughter, 10, has been LeeAnn's student for a little over a year. We came to LeeAnn after my daughter had been taking lessons for two years and was beginning to make noises about wanting to stop playing the flute. LeeAnn changed that right away. My daughter now practices voluntarily 5 days a week, looks forward to her lessons, and tells me that she has found her instrument. It is clear that LeeAnn is a virtuoso--that comes across to her students--but it is also clear that she really does like kids and believes they will do well. I feel so lucky that we found her and look forward to many more years of association with her.


LeeAnn is a great instructor who really pushes you to do your best in lessons. She really works at finding ways to teach all of her students in the way they learn best. Very encouraging, but still firm and challenges you to keep improving yourself. She is very knowledgeable about music in general and can answer most questions one could come up with. My lessons are fun, upbeat and educational; and I always feel challenged but not overwhelmed.


LeeAnn has been wonderful with our daughter Emma who is 9. Emma was relectant to play any instrument and now after two years of working with LeeAnn she comes home from school and excitedly grabs the flute to practice with no prompts from us. A great experience for both Emma and her parents.
-- Gary Hirsch

Great player and great teacher! I have been taking lessons with LeeAnn for the past few years at Marylhurst University where I am finishing a bachelors degree in music performance. I'd have to confess to being overly sensitive to who I let in to my musical world, I'm very glad I finally let her in as my instructor. Not only does she exhibit masterful technique and a warm & spirited tone on the instrument, but she has proved to be an extremely resilient iinstructor, weathering the storms of my musical passion and opinionated moments, and staying consistently present with support and positive reinforcement. As an advancing adult player I feel she did a great job of supporting my musical development, helping to refine the rough edges of my technique, and meeting me on the level of artistry, helping me to wrought out all of my potential for individual expressiveness on the instrument. 
She complimented her technical feedback with anecdotal stories drawn from her own undergrad and graduate studies, and professional performing experience.
-- Oren Seleh

LeeAnn has been teaching my daughter flute for the past 5 years. My daughter is not the easiest student as she is a perfectionist who doesn't like to practice. Go figure! But Leeann is both inspiring and encouraging -- knowing exactly when to take things up or take things down a notch. A great experience overall!!
-- Kelly White, Lake Oswego, OR

LeeAnn has worked with my flute students for the past 7 years and has done a truly wonderful job. Her instructional methods are wonderful and she is equally adept at teaching the finest students in the state as well as beginners.
-- Dave Matthys, Band Director at Lake Oswego High School

Being with LeeAnn for more than two years have taught me so much when it comes to playing the flute. Being in the school band was fun itself, but actually having private lessons with LeeAnn really challenged me and made me a better player all around. I am glad to have met LeeAnn and have had this chance to learn from her!
-- Katie Cheng

Our daughter always leaves her lesson smiling and enthusiastic about playing. Lee Ann has been a great influence on her, inspiring her to play harder pieces and building her self-confidence. We don't need to nag her to practice between lessons. And she loves to play duets with her teacher because they sound so good together!
-- Melanie Pryor

LeeAnn Sterling has been my daughter's flute teacher for 4 years. She is an honest teacher, giving corrections which are gentle yet demanding. My daughter respects her opinions and always works on these corrections because she knows they are making a difference in her flute playing. LeeAnn has always encouraged my daughter. She is a participant in the Marylhurst University flute choir. Because of LeeAnn's devotion to the instrument, they have had successful concerts and have produced many CDs.