Here's what people are saying...

LeeAnn McKenna posesses a remarkable blend of artistry and virtuosity; she is a consummate soloist and ensemble performer.
-- Peter Zisa, classical guitarist, professor of music
LeeAnn was a pleasure to work with in the studio on the Kendálin band's CD project.  She reads super, has impeccable pitch and delivers all with great tone and an ear for dynamics." 
-- Billy Oskay, Engineer/Producer, Big Red Studio

LeeAnn's tone, touch, her taste, are impeccable.
--John Dodge, guitarist, performer, recording artist, and former program director at WCRB-FM in Boston and KBPS-FM (now KQAC-FM) in Portland, OR. 

LeeAnn’s deft touch and attention to nuance transports the listener effortlessly into wondrous musicscapes of subtle texture and design. Her technique blends harmoniously with her personality resulting in exquisite performances which can be both playful and sultry, humorous and intense, joyful and poignant. Her virtuosity shines through in each performance.
--Alton Chung, award winning and nationally recognized storyteller

One of the very best... LeeAnn came to me as a doctoral student at the U. of O. already a fine player. She had much experience, but was very open to new ideas. She soon became one of the strongest members in my class, worked very well with others, and agreed to became my T. A. 
As a muscian LeeAnn is first rate. 

As a teacher LeeAnn is one of the very best. 
As a person they don't come any better.
-- Dr. Richard Trombley, retired prof. at the U. of O. School of Music

A performer with style, a command of her instrument, and a wide repertoire that reflects the depth of a marvelous background, LeeAnn’s flute playing does all you want from the range of expressivity to music’s particular control of time: calm, rich melodic force, virtuosity, humor, gravity, in all aspects a performer of great vitality and commitment.  The same holds for Ms. McKenna as teacher and pedagogue, in both ensemble and solo repertoire, a real attention to the full development of the musical potential and personality of each student.  
--Anne D. Young, D.M.. Lake Oswego Music Academy

LeeAnn has performed with our organization, the Oregon Chamber Players, since 2006 and has enriched our ensemble with her upbeat & positive attitude, professionalism and simply GORGEOUS playing. She is generous, intelligent and has a great sense of humor - the perfect attributes for a perfect teacher! Not everyone can play brilliantly, speak beautifully, coach kids with patience and fun, and inspire the rest of us with her enthusiasm and great sense of humor. You are the total package…
--Victoria Racz, General Manager, Oregon Chamber Players

LeeAnn is a skilled and sensitive player who brings her own special touch to the music she plays.  She is also a delight to work with -- fun, funny and dedicated to creating great music without stressing out about it in the process.  
--Tasha Harmon, Kendálin